Defining the Opportunity

In the United States, every student should have the equal right to a high-quality education.  But as our most recent data demonstrates, for far too many students, quality and equity are aspirations exness, not realities.  Few states are providing public school educations that result in academic proficiency for students.  And even fewer states are providing access to a high-quality education to all students, particularly those from historically disadvantaged groups.

As we look at school system improvement in the United States, what resources do our systems need to improve?  What are the benefits of further investment in our education systems?  Lost Opportunity provides a look at the data points that answer those questions, while offering specifics on the action steps necessary to provide a high-quality, high-equity education for all students.

Quality and Proficiency in Our Public Schools

In Lost Opportunity, the Schott Foundation for Public Education uses a single common yardstick to measure the quality of education in the United States and another to measure equity—the chance that a student from a disadvantaged group will have access to a quality education how to open an investment with exness social trading. Read more >

Access and Equity in Our Public Schools

To provide a clear understanding of how our states are doing at providing equal access to each state’s best schools, Lost Opportunity uses NCES data to compute the chances that, compared to a White, non-Latino student, a historically disadvantaged student (minority or low-income) will attend a high school ranked in the top quartile in the state. Read more >

Core Resources Needed to Improve Our Education Systems

If we are to improve quality and access in our school districts, we need to do more than focus on outcomes. We also need a complete picture of the components generally believed to ensure that every student receives a meaningful opportunity to learn. Read more >

Costs and Benefits of Providing an Opportunity to Learn

The facts are clear.  We have severe gaps in the Opportunity to Learn across the country.  These gaps not only affect issues such as high school graduation rates and college-going rates, they also affect every aspect of the lives of our communities, our economy, and our nation forex broker exness. Read more >

Opportunity to Learn and Our National Education Priorities

The U.S. Department of Education has set a national priority of turning around chronically underperforming education systems and schools. Read more >